Weekly Menu Sep 3-10


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Rassolnik 45$
This soup is a traditional Russian soup made with a handful of locally grown root vegetables, home brined cucumbers, barley, and Thatcher Farms pork.
Price marked per 2 L.
Marinated Mushroom Winter Soup 45$
This soup is on short list during the Great Lent as it is rich and bold in flavors which makes it the ultimate vegetarian comfort soup. This soup is made with marinated mushrooms and lentils. Price marked per 2 L.
French Beef Dip 75$
Very few things are more comforting to me than a deliciously drippy French dip sandwich. Only if it is served with the golden and creamy mashed potatoes! Fantastically flavor slow cooked beef, golden potatoes and the most delectable savory liquid also known as au jus. Who needs gravy when you can have bold, rich and all so flavorful ”beef juice”?! Made with Thatcher Farm pasture-raised round (or tip) roast cut, homemade consome and served over Yukon gold mashed potatoes. Price is marked per 800 gr of beef, 900 gr of mashed potatoes.
Chicken Cacciatore with Sweet Potatoes 65$
Cacciatore means hunter in Italian, and alla cacciatora translates to a  ‘hunter-style’ meal or stew with chicken, pearl onions, vegetables, brined olives and herbs all simmered down in a thick and rich tomato sauce until the chicken is falling off the bone. Served over steamed jasmine rice. Price is marked per 1 kg of stew and 500 gr of steamed rice.
Chocolate Chip Zapekanka 40$
Indulge yourself with triple chocolate taste! Orio cookie base covered with wiped vanilla bean farmer’s cheese layer mixed with Belgian chocolate chips and topped with chocolate and cream top. It’s so mouthwatering good! Price is marked per whole zapekanka (average weight 450 gr).
Apple and Red Plum Compote 10$
Sweet and zesty bursting with vitamins compote. Made with Niagra flash frozen red plums, fresh apples and a dash of cinnamon. The price is marked per 1 L.