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Monthly Lunch Menu Specials

Monthly Lunch Menu UPDATED (August) that is budget friendly but still prepared fresh to order using the freshest ingredients and produce available. This menu is catered to help you set up your family with healthy fresh homecooked style lunches (dishes are portioned and packed in small and convenient portions* 1$ extra per package applies) or can be frozen for a convenient reheat and serve as a family dinner. This menu is set and will be updated monthly depending on seasonal produce and store specials.

Garden Vegetable Soup 25$ (vegetarian)
6 portions, 200 ml each.
This Healthy Garden Vegetable Soup is lovely and kid-friendly soup that’s perfect for lunch! It’s low calories, high in fiber all thanks to quinoa and filled with vegetables and fresh flavor. This’s the wholesome goodness of homemade vegetable soup in every spoon!

Green Borsch 25$
6 portions, 200 ml each.
Called green borscht, this soup is the polar opposite of its red, beet-based brother. While the Red borsch is lusty and earthy with its strong flavors of garlic, root vegetables, and meat, green borsch is tangy and light. The tan ribbons of spinach and swiss chard, white cubes of potatoes and orange slivers of carrots floating in broth form a pretty mosaic and with the added diced boiled egg and a drizzle of sour cream turn into taste blasting main course. Made with pork and vegetable stock.

Roast Beef Crepes 50$
Roast Beef Crepes is an extremely delicious lunch or dinner idea! Crepes filled with beef and creamy mushroom sauce- a classic combination, match made in heaven, and it makes my mouth water just thinking about it. It’ll desinatly will spice up your steak and potatoes night. Paired with a side of veggies making it a dynamite meal!

Chicken Schnitzel 40$
5 portions each include 1 schnitzel, 250 g of mashed potatoes, 100 g of veggies.
This deliciously crispy chicken schnitzel beats chicken nuggets hands down! Free-range chicken breast chunks in crunchy crumbed breading baked to perfection served with seasonal veggies and mashed potatoes.

Pork Kotleti {Cutlets} 30$
5 portions each includes 1 pc of kotleti, 200 g of rice and 100 g of veggies.
Kotlety or cutlets are very popular in Slavic countries. In fact, they are so popular that most people eat them at least once a week. They are something in between hamburger, meatball, and mincemeat stake pan-fried to its delicious perfection. This Salisbury style pork kotlety are made with home ground pork and served with steamed rice and seasonal veggies.

Cottage Cheese Blini 30$
5 portions each includes 2 crepes, 25 ml of sour cream and 25 ml of jam.
Thin crepes stuffed with sweetened vanilla bean flavored homemade cottage cheese served with sour cream and seasonal sugar-free jam. This sweet treat heats the spot every time!