With my Facebook recipe blog, HomeCooking Farm to Table website with its own built-in online store and special occasions and meal catering business comes great opportunity, as I’m always open to exploring new and exciting ways to partner up with brands, businesses, and simply meet like-minded enthusiastic and professional people. As partners in passion for great healthy food and the Farm to Table Movement, the opportunities and possibilities are endless for us to work together. Here are just a few ideas on how we can work together or if you got other great ideas just message me!

Do you have a product or service that you would love my readers and clients to hear about? We can work together and come up with an awesome SPONSORED BLOG POST. I believe that sponsored blog posts are a new generation of business referrals and one of the most effective and natural ways to connect my readers and client with your services or products.

I’m always open to become your BRAND AMBASSADOR to showcase your brand products through my website, facebook blog and special events that I run for my clients. Because as the chef and owner of a small business and food and drink catering company, I use a fair variety of household and commercial products on any given day. Starting from my dishes’ ingredients and packaging supplies to equipment (not only the kitchen but transportation, servicing and display) I use in my home and commercial kitchens. And don’t forget about the kitchen tools! I love to use anything that is handy and makes my job easier in the kitchen. I’m also a mom of two little angels that also love to try out and experiment at the kitchen with their mom or on their own with kid’s friendly widgets.  Hence, being your brand ambassador will showcase your products or services in the real life! Think of a word of mouth referrals, we all know they work best because personal experience counts!

I love writing, recipes in particular. Hence, if you’re looking to partner with a fellow foodie friend to develop, test, edit, photograph or consult on recipes, get in touch with me and let’s cook something yummy together!

HomeCooking Farm to Table