About me

Hi there and thank you for visiting my culinary site where I blog about my personal kitchen experience and share my yummy recipes. My name is Anastassia and I’m a mom of two little angels (in real life two real daredevils). Prior to starting Homecooking Farm To Table, I worked as a nurse for seven years. My initial motivation for starting Homecooking Farm To Table came from the challenges I experienced in juggling work and home demands after my second maternity leave. Finding the time to prepare healthy meals for the grown family had proved to be more challenging than I expected, as my older son got sick and required a special diet at the age of three. Hence the variety of foods that he could eat was drastically reduced. I was left with no choice but to look for other ways than shop at my local grocery store (as their options were surprisingly limited and very expensive), to feed my family. The logical way for me was to move towards naturally farmed produce sourced from the local farms of our region, pretty much my neighbors. I know many busy moms and dads out there like me, looking for a better solution that is still convenient but healthier than buying the processed fast-foods as an emergency plan or actually trying to find the natural and locally grown produce in the big city. So, in reality, I am here to make your life a little bit easier by providing meals or full catering service so you can feel good about feeding it to your family when you are, let’s face it, in a crunch. And say goodbye to all those not so healthy but time-saving food options.

About my dishes and meals

All the meals and dishes are seasonal on the weekly menu (updated every weekend) and on the lunch menu (updated monthly). However, a la carte ordering is also available as well as custom menu and catering for a special event. The meals are prepared within 24 hours of delivery and packaged to be stored in the fridge or freezer.

My recipes (that are also available for your own home cooking adventure can be found in my blog) are mainly authentically Slavic or Eastern European but some, in fact, are inspired by the best of European cuisine. Nevertheless, they all are cooked using a wide variety of healthy ingredients, herbs and spices and yet accessible and enjoyable by kids of all ages.

  • I primarily use locally sourced foods from farms of Wellington and Waterloo region.
  • I use meat and poultry that are raised without the use of hormones or antibiotics and pasture raised.
  • I do not use artificial colors or flavors.
  • I do not add artificial preservatives to my meals.

**Allergen information: please notify me of any allergy that you or your loved once have so a dish can be altered if possible. I also have meals that are prepared without gluten or dairy or strictly vegetarian. However, my meals are not prepared in a nut free, dairy free or gluten-free kitchen. While I make every effort to avoid cross contamination and take extra precautions when there is a mention of an allergy, I cannot guarantee 100% that any item will not come in contact with nuts, dairy or gluten.